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The Dero project: public broadband just doesn’t cut it!

As part of continuing series of posts for this blog, I’ll be asking some questions of the experts behind the Digital R&D Fund to see how their answers compare and what other, perhaps smaller arts organisations can learn from…

We’ve already heard from a few of the projects their answers to the first question (what do you think the key to success has been for this particular project?) but now it’s time to hear what they have to say about question number two:

If you could do the project again, what specific things would you do differently and why?

Claire Harvey, one of the digital bods behind the Dero project at Sage Gateshead, offers her thoughts:

“The project can been seen as a success in what we learned, rather than necessarily by delivering a product perfectly. In hindsight, we could have chosen a more populist programme of concerts which would have boosted the viewing figures, and spent more on marketing the concerts.

The other key problem was relying on the public broadband network which let us down at a number of critical points. This really affected the Mixed Arts Venues who were forced to abandon concerts. We are immensely grateful to their audiences and their understanding of the R&D process and inherent pitfalls! While the public broadband network is expected to improve, at the moment it is not sufficiently reliable to deliver live streaming to rural and remote locations.”

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