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Culture Cloud – Part 9 Adding the content

Customer Service

It was going to be a massive task to provide customer support for the whole project. We thought about how we could offer the most amount of information and address the simple inquiries which usually take up a lot of time in customer service. Looking at a lot of major sites today they simply offer a Q&A section and no additional customer support (such as Facebook). We decided that we could still offer an email address for customer service and a Q&A that we could update as more questions arise.

We then had the challenge of how to pick the Questions that will cover the most Questions users have. Armindokht Shoosthtari, Melanie Kidd, and Skinder Hundal went through the list of Questions and Answers we had created. They edited them and made sure that they covered all the questions artists would want to know the answer to.


Then we decided that the whole process needed to be simply lay-out on the FrontPage so people got an idea of the whole project process. We split it into stages and highlighted certain areas of the text with black to attract the eye. We wanted to show off all the partners, funders and organisations involved in the project. The idea came to have a ‘Partner Arts Organisation’ box that would display all the logos in order and make them clickable. We wanted the funders to be in a different section as they are funding this whole project. So we placed the logos in black on the footer of the page (like most websites put their copyright and information on people involved). A few additions to the FrontPage were added such as being able to view the full terms and conditions and a JavaScript Countdown to the end date of registration rather than just the date displayed.

As of any site these days’ social media links are essential and must be displayed in a clear fashion. We used some social media icons and placed them horizontally (seems to be a trend at the moment) and displayed them on the side of the site. I also added a ribbon to the side with ‘Win £2000’ to the site just so it stood out more.

When creating the text I wondered how we can display which menu you are on and keep the site simple. I decided to change the text on the Cloud Logo to say whatever page you are on (Except when on the FrontPage). I think it really helps the site flow and gives it that modern theme.

We also created an about section with had further explanations of the project, a more detailed timeline and links to every single site involved in CULTURE CLOUD.

Registration Section

When creating the registration site we needed to make it simple as possible. The process was very complex with lots of elements and this needed to be displayed very clearly. We started with the textboxes on the registration site displaying the full artist’s agreement the site terms and conditions. I added areas for Name, Address, Email, postcode and where you heard about the project. I added an area for a short description of the submitted works and an upload section. For signing the legal agreement and the terms and conditions I created required checkboxes and a submit button.

After creating this I decided to get the opinion of some Independent Visual Artists. They looked over the site and singed up to register. They fed back some very good points about people not being able to work out what they were signing up for and a lot of the details not being so clear such as percentage cuts for the selling art online and IP issues.

Taking on board these suggestions we presented the registration in a clear way. We then decided to create a Breakdown of the key points of the Artists Agreement and link to full-size Agreement. We also added external links to view the full artist’s agreement in a nicely formatted way. I think these changes really helped the sign up process and make it much simpler for members of the public to grasp the concept.

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