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Culture Cloud – Part 8 Creating the Website

Before building the registration website I needed to work out what system could be used for the registration process. I did not want to use a CMS (content management system) as I felt the website was too small and it would have required additional work to adapt the site to suit the CMS.

After a bit of research I found a secure form building platform that I could embed into the site. I started testing it using the jotform.com domain. Once the system had been set up and I was satisfied with the simple form I tried to log on. The site was down and I was pretty confused having paid membership and setting up my form. Strangely it seems that the U.S. Secret Service requested that GoDaddy took the whole .com domain down!  The site had been suspended as part of an ongoing investigation disabling around 2 Million Jotform forms.  Luckily Jotform also owned jotform.net and my account was accessible via that domain.

After about a month Jotform.com came back online and the U.S secret service refuse to explain the whole situation http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20120216/17043717784/us-returns-jotformcom-domain-still-refuses-to-say-what-happened.shtml

I stated off building the basic site with a simple div with a border and some CSS buttons linking to each section with some dummy text. I also added the logos of the funders and partners to the footer of the site.

I wanted to make the site look modern but not over complicated, I had the idea of having one background image with Div layers on top of it full of content.  Working with RARE COMPANY we decided to adapt one of our stock images of the main gallery space at the NAE.

Koo came up with this image that reflected the angles and colours of the CULTURE CLOUD logo. This to me looked like a digital storm crashing into a quiet gallery space. Koo also added these orange spikes at the bottom so that I can could overlay them with buttons.

I started to add divs on top of the background to create areas for content. I created divs and added linking text over the buttons area. I also added social media buttons, partner logos, Java Countdown script and social media links.

The website systems and layout was finalised and tested. Now all that was left was to add the content and tweak the site.

by Ravi James Abbott Project Assistant

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