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Culture Cloud – Part 7 Designing The Cloud

We decided that for CULTURE CLOUD we needed to have a registration process of some kind. The initial thoughts on this were that we could simply have an email address that people post their work to and it gets processed to the art finder site manually.

We thought that this was a bad idea as the user and the admin experience would not be a nice one and would not the project a feel of quality or professionalism.  Artfinder were unable to produce a website for us as they are not site builders. I have had many years of professional coding experience after living with a web designer for 5 years who taught me CSS and HTML5 and a bit of PHP. I spoke with Skinder and offered to create the custom registration site freelance for NAE.

Over the years experience helped me visualise and design how the site would look in my head. It’s always hard to translate an idea from your head to other people who are not so web experienced. I knew we would need 3 elements, graphics, management systems and information; lots of information. I myself not being a graphic designer thought that the way to achieve a modern and branded look was to get a designer with the marketing team to come up with some concepts for the CULTURE CLOUD branding. Initially it was a logo that we wanted. We wanted to take an alternative look at the Cloud, we looked at other clouds like Soundcloud/iCloud/cloudapp


We needed to create a digital look that was different to all of the other cloud ideas. They all seemed to be slight variations to the shape. With the help from our Friend Koo Bhangra at RARE COMPANY we decided to go through the options.

Koo and the CULTURE CLOUD team decided that a few variations on the cloud theme might help us get a clearer picture. Koo thought we could do one in a similar style to the NAE logo like a simple line with a C inside a C to create the logo. We also decided to see if the cloud could be created using different shapes such as circles.

Koo then came up with this outline design and the cloud being made from what looked like icy futuristic sharp shapes. It looks like a cloud from a strange planet or one that could be found floating in the skies of cyberspace. Realising the importance of the logo looking striking we decided that having one tone of colour might seem similar to other web logos.

Injecting some colour into the logo really helped and Koo came up with five bold colour choices. The logo started to take on the feel of something very modern and even in a similar style to lots of Olympics advertising recently. We decided on the orange highlight on the image (I liked the green personally but it might have turned out looking like a lemonade advert).

Typography has always been important. This has not changed with the invention of the internet so getting the correct font and modern feel for the logo and site text was very important. A very popular text font at the moment is Tahoma (facebooks current font) and I decided to use that on a lot of the normal text. Then we had to choose title and heading text; after Koo showed us another five options for fonts we picked Gotham Rounded (option D).


by Ravi James Abbott Project Assistant

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