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Culture Cloud – Part 6 Artfinder meeting

February 28, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

The New Art Exchange team took a trip to London to meet the Art Finder (AF) team in person. We had a crack team of four people from the NAE were CEO Skinder Hundal, Vice Chair Sukhy Johal MBE, Pips Bhadere and Me of course Ravi Abbott.

We arrived at the  (AF) office in Holborn and met up with Will Doward and CEO Spencer Hyman . Their office was a room full of young people tapping away at the keyboards and felt a very creative and technological environment to be in. We stated discussions about what we hope each other can achieve and what we can realistically deliver in the timescale.

A lot of the focus was on AF and what elements and technology they can provide as we had not had the chance to go into as much detail previously. AF clearly explained to us what they can and cannot do. This was very useful as we needed to know exactly what was achievable.

We decided that we would aim to make it as simple as possible and use systems already popular online and easy to use such as ‘Facebook Connect’. We talked about milestones to make sure we are all working to the same schedule.

We also discussed how the voting system would work and how we can provide incentives to get an audience and encourage people to get involved.  We talked about which sites, Gallery’s, websites and artists networks we can get involved with.

We discussed contracts and making sure that exactly what can be achieved and the milestones we have. It was a great meeting and cleared a lot of things up from both sides. We came away with a clearer head and vision on how the project will turn out.

by Ravi James Abbott Project Assistant

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