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Punchdrunk/Media Lab Project Update 3

Over the past month we have been concentrating on the online element of the project, which has involved coming out of our comfort zone and has been both challenging and exciting. We have also been allocating portals to spaces in the real world within a newly filled out narrative, and as a team have honed in on the portals which will be most useful, practical and stimulating.

We have been looking at different models of communicating with an audience on screen, and what the online experience can be. Knowing that 3D rendering is not the direction we want to take, as it is expensive, derivative and limits the work of one’s imagination, has led to discussing other ways in which we can stimulate an audience whilst they are using their computer. We have realised that binaural sound is hugely important, and can be used to navigate space, tell a story and evoke a mood.

The MIT team have been doing amazing work (they have already pulled an all-nighter!), and have given us ten practical examples of how the experience could be played out online. Their ideas have been extremely inspirational and of course, sadly, we cannot reveal what they are, as that would spoil it for you!

Although our attentions have been focused on the online aspect, we have, of course, not forgotten about developing the on site experience. Surprisingly, for a show that has no text, language and the written word are an increasingly exciting way to give an audience member free reign to roam the space, and the ability to interact with performers. The next step is to try and apply the right discipline and method of communication to each element of the story, which is what we are currently working on.

Following Livi Vaughan’s (one of our lead designers) seven-day visit to New York, our designs for the new spaces are almost complete. We have also pretty much completed the full narrative of the show. This has led to the realisation that we are going to need at least one new live performer and quite a few online!

The final step is to work out where the portals of communication sit, before we all head to New York on the 5th March to begin the process of casting and building the show.


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