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BAC Scratch Online: 2nd Update


We’ve had a busy time of it since I last blogged; for one thing, we’ve finalised our first ScratchOnline Projects! More details of each of them below;


World Loopstation Champion // Beatboxer // Composer //
Teacher // Southbank Centre Artist in Residence

Shlomo’s idea is to experiment with creating material for a new kids show, which will be made with a group of young people, bringing together the arts forms of beatboxing and streetdance.

His scratch will take the form of a residency during the school holidays. Each day during the residency, Shlomo and the young people will be holding an online webcast to share what they have created that day, with hope to gather feedback and ideas from the internet audience. Among other things, the group will also be recording a daily Audio Diary which will be uploaded to soundcloud and be used to document their thoughts and feelings about the process. At the end of the residency, these will then be edited together into a full podcast to be published at the end of the project.

Shlomo is one of our more digitally literate artists, he already personally has a large online network, and regularly creates online events including a recent live webcast of his collaborative piece at Glastonbury (Shlomo’s Glasto Circus which featured Ed Sheeran and Bellatrix), and an experiment in improvisation called Relay Loop Sessions which was broadcast in collaboration with VideoJuicer online throughout the world. We’re really excited to see what happens with the development of this residency.. Enjoy the video above of Shlomo performing at BAC in 2006.

Hollie McNish

The piece that Hollie will be scratching is called Journeys, and it is a poetry/ spoken word piece based on a poetry album she wrote in 2010 called Push Kick: The Beauty, Brilliance and Bollocks of Having a Baby (which you can listen to on the bandcamp link above), which charts her journey from pregnancy to parenthood.

She’s found that the album had a huge reaction from parents, with many of them getting in touch to tell her some of their pregnancy stories. This led her to want to transform this personal collection into a spoken word showcase, which includes her own pieces threaded with other parents’ experiences through integrated audio, video and visual art. These will all be gathered using the ScratchOnline platform, enabling Hollie to gain feedback from, stream to and interact with people from across the globe, who she otherwise might not have access to- either because they are parents (and so are sometimes unable to attend performances because of childcare commitments), or because they are based overseas.

From a research point of view, she’s interested in exploring how the audience member feels when watching the videos, depending on whether they are watching alone, or in a group or with their partner. She’s also interested in how different stage settings generate different reactions, so how does a video recording made in an informal setting like on a bed compare to if she was sat in an armchair or stood in front of a mic.

Hollie has a great project and a really interesting set of questions she’d like to explore, so we’re excited about working with her on this scratch.

Gemma Brockis and Silvia Mercuriali

‘Still Night’

Still-night, based on Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities is a forty-minute theatre piece that takes as its protagonist the City in which it is being performed. One of the exciting sides to Still-night is that it spills out of the theatre, drawing a line between watching theatrical performance and watching the outside world – which is not only about seeing the streets as a set, but about becoming an audience to the fabric of modern life. As on-line activity becomes more and more a part of this fabric, it seems increasingly appropriate to Gemma and Silvia, that their work should find some way to spill into the virtual world. Since Still-night has the real world around it as its central interest, it feels like the perfect project through which to develop an on-line presence.

Gemma and Silvia said;
We anticipate that this presence will be a significant part of the audiences’ experience of the project as a whole and be, in some senses, a show in itself with its own audience. Their involvement will, we imagine, be an integrated part of the show’s development, not just in its early stages but throughout its life, as well as helping us to shape our creative process.

A key part of the project will be the sourcing of local stories, images, myths and maps, and then feeding these into the fiction of the piece. As part of the Scratch process, they will be creating a blog which will constantly be up-dated with pictures and story, from the city in which they are working. The first of these will be Lisbon, then London, and this will grow as they perform in more cities. They will mix their findings with comments from the online audience who are viewing and interacting with the blog, and all this will work together to create and develop the piece.

Nic Green

‘Motherland / Fatherland’

To help with the Scratch Online research, we’ll also be using one project as a ‘control’, this will be a scratch which continues as normal at BAC, which can be monitored by the researchers. For this we have chosen Nic Green’s piece ‘Motherland/ Fatherland’. Nic will be completing her ethnographic performance series Fatherland, Motherland, which will consider family, place and identity. She will be looking for a chorus of Mothers, of all ages, to help her complete Motherland in March. For more information on the genesis of the piece, please visit this article.

in other news…

So there you have it, our first three ScratchOnline residencies! In Mid January we had our first get together as a group, where all the artists and producers (each Scratch has its own producer) were able to meet one another and talk through their hopes and plans for the project. We were also able to see the first wire frames that had been designed by Nick at VideoJuicer, which were fabulous. From that meeting, a number of tweaks were made as a result of feedback from the artists, and yesterday we were given access to the first iteration of the site.. which is shaping up brilliantly!

I’m going to leave it there for today, but as always- if anyone has any questions, do drop me a line!



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