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Culture Cloud – Part 4 First Contact

The first big meeting was held on 15th November 2011. In attendance from Birmingham City University (BCU) were Dr Paul Long, Dr Nick Webber and Dr Simon Barber.  From NAE we had CEO Skinder Hundal, Ravi Abbott, Islam Muhammad and Laura Rossi. We were also later joined by Will Doward and Priscilla Li (former CEO and NESTA bid partner) via conference call.

Initially we discussed the level of the Researchers input and how they did not want to dictate to us, but draw advice from previous experiences they have been involved with.  They want to work out our sense of what we are thinking, prioritising, what we can learn, how we can use our time effectively.

The research team highlighted that anything we write about and blog, will be under public scrutiny, as this is a publically funded project. In light of this we supplied the researchers with the original ideas, drawings, mind maps and documentation to show how we came up with and developed the idea.

We then talked about people’s intentions and what we could do to drive people to get involved and be active on the site.  Can we use incentives and keep people coming back for multiple reasons?

We arranged a schedule where the researchers would be interviewing us and getting our feedback and getting them involved in projects as soon as possible.

Having set up a Skype call with AF we found technology failed us and we were forced to retreat to the old style of telephone conference call.

Talking to AF we discussed the advantages of the project and what it could bring to each organisation – raising its profile, more traffic and recognition. Getting more into the details of the project, we talked about marketing and placing an advert into our latest programme. Making sure we had a decent amount of artwork on the site when it first opens so people do not instantly lose interest. We then decided to produce a set of milestones alongside the researchers, AF and NAE so that we were all working to the same timescale.

by Ravi James Abbott Project Assistant

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