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LSO & KODIME Pulse pre-Christmas update

Bit more news from us in the pre-Christmas rush.

Last 2 weeks have seen further work under the hood, meaning backend platform changes. In order to drive the app content and user profiles, we need a set of API calls (such as “Get Ticket info #23ac for user ID #6567, in simple terms) and this function list is now finalised and being coded.

The app user interface has moved to design stage, and early January we’ll post some screens here.

When we have a minute here at KODIME, we like to play with new tech (sad isn’t it). And with this NESTA project, there is some cool stuff happening such as NFC which is “near field communication”. If you’ve used a contactless credit card or Oystercard, you’ve experienced NFC. It allows a device to “ping” its identity to another device “over the air”, and the actual NFC chip can be very tiny and almost flat – hence the use in credit cards and of course mobiles.

Google think this will be massive, especially for mobile payment, so it’s certainly worthwhile exploring for the rest of us. To create NFC applications, you need sample cards, software, mobiles, all available as part of a development kit, see photo. YES it involves hardware, which gets us software guys reasonably excited. NO we DON’T suggest you give one of these to someone for Christmas!

Have a peaceful festive season and a fantastic 2012!


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