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BAC ScratchOnline Update

Hi all,

Just a quick update from the BAC / Arts Collective / VideoJuicer camp. We’re now 8 weeks into the project, and over that time we’ve moved through a couple of really interesting development points.

During early November all of the partner organisations met to enjoy a Scratch night at BAC- it was a Freshly Scratched evening, which is when BAC open their doors to new artists or companies (most of whom are new to BAC) each of the artists or companies have 10 minutes to share an early scratch of their work or idea, and then the audience is invited to submit feedback, either by writing a note to the artist on a handy post-it, or to pick up a specially designed phone and leave the artist a voice message, or (perhaps the artists’ favourite) find them at the bar and chat to the artist over a pint!

Personally, some interesting thoughts came out of that evening;

-Should we attempt to moderate audience feedback? (Similar to the way a producer absorbs all of the audience feedback, and then delivers it to an artist.)
-How best to recreate the ‘ambience’ of a live BAC event online (what could ever compare to a pint with an artist after a performance?)
-Do audiences need to experience a performance ‘live’ or is pre-recorded okay? (What effect does having an audience in the room have on an artist- a collective gasp or giggle is a powerful thing for someone when they are on stage).

Last week, some of the team attended an Artist Brainstorming event at BAC, which gave us opportunity to discuss these points with some of BAC’s artists at a ScratchOnline roundtable session. We were also able to ask the artists about what they would want from the platform, which sparked some great feedback.

What was most interesting was that artists said that they increasingly use Scratch as part-participatory tool for engaging people in a wider dialogue about their work, they suggested that it is at it’s best when it catalyses a creative dialogue – rather than a question and answer format [“what did you think”-“this is what I thought”] which can end up being binary.

Current conversations within the team have been on how best to go about creating a space for creative dialogue, research, testing hypotheses, sharing ideas, catalysing collaborations.

Nick, from VideoJuicer, is currently making some wireframes of parts of the site for us to look at and discuss tomorrow, and we’re all looking forward to seeing how he’s interpreted and integrated some of the artists suggestions, along with our research so far.

Tomorrow all of the partners and researchers are meeting to discuss the Commissioning Proposals which were submitted by artists wanting to take part with ScratchOnline. There seems to be a wonderful selection of potential projects which could be developed on the platform. We’ve all agreed that getting the right spread of projects is key, so tomorrow is a big day. I’ll drop in soon to let you know how we got on!

If anyone is interested in further details of what came out of the Artists’ Brainstorm meeting, then do drop me a line and I’ll whizz the feedback over to you.


Katherine Jewkes

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