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Update from LSO and KODIME

Just a quick update from the busy frontline of the LSO Mobile Ticketing app project. We’ve worked closely with the LSO team and had some input from our researchers Salford University to create

– app map (like a site map but for apps)

– data sets (list of data fields for each section, i.e. Contacts, Tickets, Events etc)

– user surveys (in-app)

and resolved many queries around the details of how, when, by whom tickets are currently produced and managed.

Up on the wall here are 2 tickets, one for LSO at Barbican, one at St.Luke’s – all we need to do is “mobilise” them…

The LSO team has defined a first version of the loyalty points scheme, this is used to encourage app users to share their ticket and event info and complete surveys, in return for rewards such as CDs and Spotify accounts. Think Tesco!

We’re hoping to finalise the app user flow within a week or so, then commence design for app and start backend coding. The app will be driven by our mobile marketing platform KOMOBILITY so many key features such as listings, push notifications, user profiles etc exist at least in basic module form, which will help cut down the development cycle – we hope!

See below some work examples…. we use Balsamiq for the mockups, and have set up a Basecamp account for everyone in the team to share and manage todo’s and calendar etc. This has proven very effective so far, cuts down on those emails with dozens of “cc’s” asking for “feedback” 🙂

Anyone from the wider group interested in a detailed aspect feel free to ping me.


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